hangR - bicycle holder

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hangR - bicycle holder

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hangR - ski holder

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hangR - board holder

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Wall Bicycle Holder

Turn your bike into an art with our holder.

hangR - bicycle holder
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Ski Wall Mount

It stoped snowing, you just want to go out fast. You will find everything in one place.

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Sports Board Wall Mount

Only now will your boards be really cool.

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Board holder

Only now will your boards be really cool.


hangR - bicycle holder

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Premeňte svoj wakeboard na dokonalé umenie 

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An idea was born

We are married with a full hangar of toys that multiply in direct proportion to the number of children and our sports interests. And obviously we are not the only ones.

As usual, the project came out of its own need. Fortunately, in our family engineering company we have skilled people and technologies that allow us to come up with projects like this …

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